Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi!!! Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We’re 12 indie (small press and self-pub) authors working together to bring exposure to indie titles and help others along the way. And to get to know us a little, we’ve answered some questions for y’all. Also—stop by our About Us and Our Books pages to learn more!


 1. What is the most challenging thing about the Indie publishing experience?

 I think it's been getting noticed. There's so many books--good books--out there, and it's not a competition, but at the same time--you have to be seen. To be read, people have to know your there. And that's hard. (N~)

Making a name for myself and standing out in a crowd of others writers with the same goals and dreams. When you decide to take the indie route, you are accepting the responsibility of marketing yourself and your work. This is a big deal and a lot of work. Half of the time it feels like no one hears you or knows you exist, but you have to keep on knocking. (Monica)

 I think it's getting your book seen.  Swoon is great about that, but it's a challenge, especially if you're thinking the best place to find a great book is at one of the monopoly megabookstores, which carry few indies. (Stephanie)

For me, it's the time factor involved and keeping my life in balance. Getting started as a self-published author takes huge amounts of time for learning what you're doing, marketing, getting your name out there. I think, and I hope, that as I have more books on the market, and people know who I am more, the time investment will level out. But it's been super-great getting to know so many awesome fellow writers and book reviewers. It's a rewarding, time-consuming experience! (Leigh)


2. What Indie book changed your perception of Indies?

I’ve been following indie publishing since it really took off and was really impressed with the My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking.  I actually think those were the first books I read that were self-pubbed.  I loved them and really cheered Amanda on when she received her first contract. (Jaycee)

There are so many great indies out there. I don't think I could choose just one. A few years ago, when I picked up a kindle, I just started downloading and devouring all these small pub and indie titles. I was amazed by how spectacular most of them were. (Lisa)

I rave about this book, and subsequent series, all the time. I LOVE Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon and every single book she has written since. I cannot wait for her to continue the story from another characters point of view next year (Adrianne)


3. What is the best part of being an Indie author?

The community! Before I decided to go the indie route, I was trying to put together a query letter or find beta readers and it is such a cut throat industry, many people just did not have the time to talk to others or to help each other out. I have met more indie authors and gained so much knowledge about the indie world from the community that I could never go back to the traditional route. Making my ALL own choices is rather nice too....(Adrianne)

I get to decide ALL THE THINGS. Which is also a little terrifying, but since I'm a control freak…(N~)

For me, I'd say my publisher. Month9Books is a small press that launched last October with a charity anthology. A SHIMMER OF ANGELS was their first YA novel release. Everyone I've had the pleasure of working with there is not only amazing at their jobs but they are also great people. (Lisa)


4. Best piece of advice you have for writers or prospective Indie authors.

I have two pieces of advice:  1) Be thorough in your research, and 2) Write the book you want to write and write it well.  The rest will follow! (Jaycee)

 I hope this is good advice, and I guess I'll find out for myself if my first book turns out to be my last :) but it's that you should write the book you want to write and read.  Don't try to fit yourself into a mold or jump on a trend because by the time your book sees print the trend will have waned anyway.   And because it's a lot of work -- if you don't believe in it, you'll never be able to do all the work without making yourself miserable. (Stephanie)

If you have a story that you want told, that you want to share with the world, find the path that accomplishes that and take it. Make sure your work is the best it can be, research your options and take the plunge. If this means self-publishing or going with a smaller publisher, that’s fine. That doesn't make you less of a writer. The path to publication is not the same for everyone. (Monica)

Just keep swimming. And surround yourself with a group of supportive, optimistic, but clear-eyed writer-friends. You need that support. (Leigh)



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