Saturday, May 4, 2013

Write for Boston (sending writerly love--please bid for Boston!)

Hey guys, Indie Ignites has a few items up for bid to benefit Boston, including two query critiques by ST Bende (author of Nor & Elsker), the opportunity to be a character in Stephanie Wardrop's third novella (of the Snark and Circumstance series) and two enovellas, and a bundle of books (paperback and ebooks) and swag by five of us Indie Igniters. (If you haven't heard about Write for Boston, click here.)

Please help us send writerly love to Boston by bidding and/or spreading the word!

Here's the links and info to all three items up for bid:

1) Stephanie Wardrop's package (link): 

Snark and Circumstance -- Stephanie Wardrop #YA #novella #JaneAustin   Charm and Consequence (2nd novella in Snark and Circumstance series) by Stephanie Wardrop #YA

 E-novellas of SNARK AND CIRCUMSTANCE and CHARM AND CONSEQUENCE and name a character in the third installment PRIDE AND PREP SCHOOL from Author Stephanie Wardrop

2) ST Bende's package (link):

·         1 query letter critique (2 available-one each to the two highest bidders)

3) Indie Ignites group package featuring books by Nazarea Andrews, Adrianne James, Jessica L. Brooks, Lisa M. Basso and JC Emery (link):

Indie Ignites #book package  ·         Life on Loan by @Adrianne James*  ·         Overexposed by @Adrianne James*  ·         Edge of the Falls by Nazarea Andrews*  ·         ARC of This Love by Nazarea Andrews  ·         Autographed paper back of A Shimmer of Angels by @Lisa Basso  ·         Autographed paperback of Pity Isn't an Option by @Jessica Brooks  ·         The Switch by @JC Emery*  ·         Marital Bitch by @JC Emery*  ·         Anomaly by @JC Emery*  ·         Assorted swag

·         Life on Loan by Adrianne James*
·         Overexposed by Adrianne James*
·         Edge of the Falls by Nazarea Andrews*
·         ARC of This Love by Nazarea Andrews
·         Autographed paper back of A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso
·         Autographed paperback of Pity Isn't an Option by Jessica L. Brooks
·         The Switch by JC Emery*
·         Marital Bitch by JC Emery*
·         Anomaly by JC Emery*
·         Assorted swag
* = ebooks

You can also repin the bid info to help spread the word (or click each pin to bid on a package) on Pinterest, HERE 

or simply tweet this: 

 is sending writerly love to Boston! Bid on books, query critiques & more! Info here:   

Thank you for helping us share the writerly love with Boston! (Bids end Tuesday, May 7th!) 

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