Friday, September 6, 2013

Why I went Hybrid--Self-publishing with an agent.

Earlier this week, my counterparts posted about being a small press author and self pub author. Today, I'm gonna talk a little about being a hybrid. It's a catch phrase that I've been seeing around the Internet a lot--I'm sure you have too--an honestly, it makes me feel a bit like a mutant. Like, Storm from XMen, but not as sexy.


Anyway. Here's a bit about what it means to me and why I chose it.


What it is:

A hybrid-author is someone who takes more than one path to publication. They self-pub and small pub and sometimes, traditionally pub. They often times have an agent. I would take it a step farther and include that I have an amazing publicist on my team as well. She does for my indie titles what my agent does for my traditional titles (or what she will do--it's still very new and squee worthy).

Both my agent and my indie team are people that help direct my career, who make informed decisions to help me place myself and my books at the best place and time to succeed. Michelle places me in front of the editors at houses and imprints I can't reach alone. Jessica (publicist) advises me what bloggers and readers are looking for and when is best to release a story, and follows it up with amazing help getting the word out about it.


Why I chose it:

I'm a control freak, you guys. I'm a workaholic control freak who doesn't sleep. I am also  prolific--I average three books a year. And I write a lot of genres. Dystopian, retellings, zombies, paranormal, space opera, contemporary romance, mafia thrillers, historical. I would be a traditional house marketing nightmare. And with as many books as I write a year, I'd go crazy on their slow schedule.

Self-publishing gives me the freedom and speed to put out all my various stories however quickly/slowly I want.

On the flip side, traditional takes stories that won't do well in an indie market and puts them in a traditional arena. (Sci-fi and retellings, you guys)


Really, guys, what it came down to for me was what was best for THIS story. Sometimes the answer is indie and I throw myself into that with both feet and gleeful abandon. Sometimes, the answer is traditional publishing because they reach the audience I want. And with an agent, I am poised to do both.

Always--ALWAYS-- it comes down to one thing. Do your homework. Make an informed decision. Then be ready to work your butt off because whatever you chose? It's hard and takes a lot of work and is so so worth it.



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