Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Favorite Childhood Tradition

I love the holidays. I love the crazy busyness of it and the music and the holiday parties. I love searching for the BEST present for someone. I love the weird things that become tradition.

One of my favorite traditions, growing up, was Christmas Eve. I was the middle child, and the only girl. So I was a little odd, and didn't always have a perfect relationship with my brothers. But Christmas Eve, after returning from my grandmothers house, we always were sent to bed as my parents hurriedly wrapped everything for us to open in a few hours. My older brothers--twins--would snag Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story, and drag their blankets into my room (since I has a DVD player) and we'd stay up half the night, watching movies that we'd seen a thousand times and laughing st each other and wondering what Mom and Dad were wrapping.

When I got married, that tradition was replaced by others. But I still sneak in one viewing of those movies every year, usually while wrapping presents. It's different and that's ok. It does what a tradition is supposed to do: remind me of the years before and the people I care about.
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