Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Waiting Game--Excerpt

Today we've got an excerpt from The Waiting Game by JL Fynn! Check below for more about the book and links! :)


A few minutes later, the organist started playing, and Jim and his brother walked down the aisle, taking their place in front of the alter. Next came Pop Reilly, the only other member of Jim’s immediate family. Pop wore a crisp three-piece suit with a gold watch chain polished to a blinding sheen. Next would’ve come Maggie’s family, but she had none here, so Bridget Sheedy, who was acting as Maggie’s matron-of-honor, rounded out the procession.

When I caught sight of her walking down the aisle, I was stunned. Traveler dresses were known for being loud, but this went far beyond anything I’d seen before. The base of her dress was a bright blue tube dress—strapless on top and only coming down to her mid-thigh. Appliquéd on the front was fabric in the shape of an enormous sequined pineapple. Sewn around the bottom of the skirt was a ruffled, neon-yellow fabric that reached the floor, but with a huge slit up the front, so her legs poked through when she walked.

How did she have that thing made so quickly? Or did she have it sitting around, waiting for a special occasion? You never knew with Bridget.

No wonder Maggie had put up a fight about her dress. Any wedding dress that would coordinate with this monstrosity was something I’d have a problem with too. I mean, sure you wanted to look grand on your wedding day, but not like some ungodly cross between Carmen Miranda and Carmen Electra.

Or at least, that was my opinion. I looked around to catch the reactions of the women around me, and nearly every one of them stared at Bridget with unconcealed envy. Incredible.

Bridget made her way down the aisle walking as slowly as possible to give everyone the opportunity to fully admire her dress, but finally she made it to her spot in the front of the church.

The music changed, and we all stood, waiting for the bride. The bridal march went on for more than a few notes, and I looked back at Jim, wondering how he must be feeling at this moment. His eyes looked a little glassy, but otherwise he didn’t look unhappy. The room erupted in startled gasps, and I turned back around to see what everyone was reacting to. When I did, I found Maggie wearing something so shocking I immediately understood the clan’s reaction.

No wonder Bridget was horrified. What was Maggie thinking with this dress? Most Traveler women wouldn’t be caught dead cleaning house in such a thing, let alone getting married in it. The Village would be talking about this for months. Years even. Maggie’s name might even be dragged, although this wasn’t enough of a violation to bring on full censure.

She wore a simple white dress that fell to the floor and only had the smallest of trains, half a foot at most. Lace covered her shoulders and her arms, but other than that, the dress was completely unadorned. No sequins. No feathers. No corset. Nothing.

It was modest and restrained, two words that never applied to Traveler wedding dresses.
When I took Maggie in, I gasped too, but my outburst was for a completely different reason than the rest of the clan. I didn’t care that Maggie didn’t have a single sequin on her bodice or ruffled fabric in her train or giant feathers in her hair. She was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And all of that nonsense only would’ve distracted from her perfection. I couldn’t imagine her looking more

Sounds great, right?? Here's the info on the book! :)

Twenty-five-year-old Tommy Costello has been going out on the road with his best friend Jim Reilly since they were kids. They’ve pulled cons together, picked up dates together, and have always had each other’s backs. They’re as close as brothers, and Tommy’s sure their bond will never be broken.
That is, until Maggie Downey shows up. She’s an enigma: smart, bold, and charming. From the moment they meet, sparks fly. But there’s a huge problem. She’s arranged to be married to Jim.
Tommy tries to keep his feelings for Maggie in check, but it’s not easy, especially when he’s also hiding a dark secret for Jim—both from Maggie and the rest of their Irish-American Gypsy clan. A secret that not only affects his friend, but that could mean a life of misery for Maggie as well. Tommy does his best to protect both his friendship and his own heart, but it’s soon clear that falling in love with his best friend’s girl is the least dangerous thing happening in the Village that year.
The Waiting Game is a prequel to The Long Game, and the second book in J.L. Fynn’s American Gypsy series.
JL Fynn Bio:
J.L. Fynn is the public face of the writing collaboration between Katherine Ernst and Chelle Bruhn. Katherine and Chelle disagree on most everything (music, food, need for punctuality), except for what's really important, which is why they've been best friends for seventeen years and writing together for three.
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