Friday, May 16, 2014

The editing/revising process (a gif post)

Hey guys! I'm a day late (but not a gif short... ha ha... um, ahem) for my post, so I thought I'd just throw out some inspiration for ya'll before the weekend gets officially started. Today's topic? Revisions.

By the time we've peeled away the icky-ness of a MS (polishing it until it shines, deleting words, adding the important details), we feel pretty confident in where our work has ended up. This is us:

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We send it off to betas or CPs or editors, et cetera, and they read it, and--thankfully--this is what we get most of the time...

but, sometimes... it's more like this:

Which makes us go:

Enter panic mode, avoidance mode, "I suck at life; time to eat all the ice cream" mode. (Some of ya'll don't get that way and tackle it head on, and to you I say, you have problems! Just kidding. Actually, I applaud you. But this post isn't for you, so...)

This is the point in the process where we have to remember the GOOD NEWS. That's what I'm here to do. Are you ready to be reminded?

1) The fact that you sent that MS off to be edited, or read by betas, or whatever, means you got to this point. You finished your MS!!! Do you know that this means? It means you are THIS MUCH closer to getting your book out into the world! (So much closer than ever before!) Hooray!

2) Finishing an MS is not a reason to cringe! (We tend to forget this when those revision suggestions come in!) It's a reason to celebrate!

So. Before you decide to quit and become a hermit surrounded by cats who use your favorite books as scratching posts and cover you in ten layers of fur while you blather about who you "coulda" been, I'm here to remind you that this--yes, even the revising and the editing and the notes that, at times, are overwhelming--is all GOOD. You're in the homestretch, my writerly friend. THE. HOMESTRETCH.

And to celebrate, we are throwing you a party. SO

You're almost there. You can do this! Time to celebrate your success!

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