Sunday, March 3, 2013

Indie Ignite's Not-So-Infinite (But Pretty Eclectic) Playlist

Everybody needs a theme song and if you put some of our characters’ anthems on your iPod shuffle, you’d get a very exciting playlist.

First track: a pretty little almost acoustic number called "A Little Bit of Everything" by Dawes, which according to Leigh Talbert Moore “is pretty much [the] journey” for her MC, Ashley Lockett, in The Truth About Letting Go.  It’s available on Amazon.

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Second track:  Jeff Buckley's "We All Fall in Love Sometimes".

Jessica Brooks says “The music more than anything is just *so* Jonas--you hear the sadness, the loneliness, and that's where he's at, what he feels because of everything his sickness has taken from him. He spends a lot of time alone away from his family because they're a constant reminder of what he can no longer do. Plus, he has this thing for Hattie, and can't tell her about it. (The music could very well be a theme for the town of Wanless in general, too... it gives a sense of sadness, hopelessness!)” 

Third track:  "Gone Away" by Lucy Schwartz 

Jessica says this track fits Hattie so well because "Both Jonas and Hattie aren't purposefully feeling sorry for themselves. They're trying to get by in Pity Isn't An Option, because that's the only way to survive. Hattie watches her dad lose a little of himself every day, and tries to protect her sister from it. She also struggles to keep a 'normal' relationship with Jonas, despite how much things have changed since he grew sick."

Cover for 'Pity Isn't An Option'

Pick up Pity Isn’t an Option (free this week) at Smashwords 

Fourth track: Keep Holding On" by Avril Levigne 

Adrianne James chose this as her characters’ theme song “because it's all about sticking together no matter what. And my characters go through A LOT together and without the other they wouldn't make it.”  So, here’s a little pep talk from Avril for Paige and Noah of Life on Loan available at Amazon, too.

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We really need to get something rocking here, maybe even kick a little butt in this shuffle, so Track Five is P!nk’s “Funhouse”

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by me, Stephanie Wardrop. Georgia Barrett from Snark and Circumstance needs to get over her tendency to see the world as a funhouse “full of evil clowns” but the song’s worth listening to anyway.  Snark is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, as well.

Sixth Track: “Waiting for my Life to Begin” by Colin Hay for Eliza Landry of Anomaly, out March 31st.  

And Track Seven is “Some Mistakes” by Brad Paisley for Colleen Frasier and Bradley Patrick of Marital Bitch. 

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Both are by JC Emery and you can get them at Amazon online.

So there you have it.  We’re a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.  Crank up our playlist and see what inspires you!


  1. Oh, great songs! LOVE Jeff Buckley and P!nk... I've never heard Lucy Schwartz. Must check that out. Great playlist! :o) <3

  2. What a great list! I couldn't think of one for my MC to save my life. I'm STILL pondering. :)

  3. Lucy Schwartz has such a beautiful voice... I'm sure you'll love it, LTM!! (check out her version of Respect!)

    Rachel, you'll have to come back on here and add it later! :)