Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Twitter Pitch Parties and Author Advice

Hi IndieIgniteers!  I’m ST Bende, and I like baking, skiing and watching IndyCar.  I also love all things Scandinavian (but not fish), and I love writing about Norse mythology.  My debut series, THE ELSKER SAGA, will release in April from Entranced Publishing.   It’s great to meet you!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a writer.  And if you’re a writer, you’ve probably heard about Twitter pitch parties.  Writers post their query in 140 characters or less, hashtag the name of the pitch party, and hope an agent or publisher will ask for pages.  These gatherings can be a great way to bypass the slush pile… but it’s seriously hard to condense your baby (what, you don’t call your manuscript your baby?) down to 140 characters.  Trust me, I’ve been there before, and I’ll be there again.  It’s not always pretty. 

Entranced Publishing has jumped on the Twitter pitch party bandwagon, throwing pitch sessions under the hashtag #FridayFrenzy every Friday in March and April.  And the Entranced authors, many of whom are veterans of (and current soldiers in) the pitch party trenches, want to help you.  We’re holding Twitter pitch workshops on our blogs to help you work your pitches.  Just post your pitch in the comments section of our blogs, we’ll share ways we think you can make it stronger, and you do the same for at least two other pitchers.  We’re all on this publication journey together, so let’s help each other out!

Start at my blog, http://stbende.blogspot.com .  It's got all the details (but you can always send me an e-mail or DM if you have more questions).  I’ll be helping with YA and NA pitches starting today, Wednesday March 13, and I’ve posted links to Entranced authors who will be helping with other genres (Romance, Chick-Lit, you name it).  Let’s work together to make our pitches pitch perfect! 

-ST Bende 
@stbende or stbende(at)gmail(dot)com 

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